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Technology Has Changed the Operational


Over the course of my consulting career, I have found many similarities in the problems facing many corporations. One reason why there is a “repetitive theme” to the types of problems I encounter is that most large organizations I consult to still are very “hierarchical” in structure. This is a popular form of organizational structure that has been prevalent for many decades and has been particularly effective in manufacturing organizations. A key reason for the wide use of this sort of structure was that, for many years, information ¬†technology innovations.

Today however, relational systems, client /server technologies, virtual computing environments, Cloud Computing, and the Internet explosion as a whole has made it easier to share information across geographically distributed organizations; to market the organization globally in concert with social media platforms and 3rd party interfacing, new object-oriented development approaches have improved the flexibility of applications to better meet the needs of more end users and customers; and data warehousing/data mining, imaging, EDI and workflow technologies have made it easier to dramatically improve internal business processes, provide better business modelling and forecasting capabilities,

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The Technological Education


Technology is growing so fast that it becomes difficult to ignore it. Technology is being used in so many applications world wide and as the world becomes a global village due to technology, even students and teachers cannot ignore the its power. The history of using technology in the classroom has come a long way such that it is becoming the most convenient way to learn and teach.

Technological innovations such as the internet have become a major source of information to both teachers and students. There was a time when teachers and students had to go to libraries and other information centers if they wanted to get information on a certain topic which was very tedious and took a lot of time. Now they only have to surf the internet to get the information they want as fast as possible.

If you want to study for a certain course, it is not a must you go into a classroom in order to learn but you can do that through correspondence, thanks to technology. Many colleges are

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A Future Trend for Business Leaders to Contemplate


Leadership takes vision, courage and the ability to take risk. Leadership is about leading; accepting new technologies and learning to apply them in unique or non-traditional methods to provide additional value to all stakeholders.

One area where many businesses lack vision is in the information technology arena. Leadership and employee retention can be greatly enhanced by looking forward at how technology enhances the employment condition. There are current internet technologies for businesses with networks that can be affordably incorporated into daily practices to build a loyal employee base that are eager to retain you and grow a prosperous enterprise. Let’s examine just one.

Intranet Radio (streaming or recorded)

What is it? It’s your own broadcast within your network. It doesn’t go outside the company. It takes very little equipment; a microphone, a computer, recording software (there are free applications for this online), streaming server software, a cataloguing or indexing software to make it searchable and your current network’s infrastructure.

Technology in Mattress Pads That Help Us Sleep Better

We are all looking for that good night’s sleep, and with all the recent technology innovations into mattress pads, things are improving. Until the past decade or so, they were basically all the same. Now with so many issues in regards to getting good night’s sleep, manufacturers have looked to inject their mattress pads with new technology.

For years, most pads were Polyester Cotton Blend fabric on the top and bottom with a polyester filling. They then were upgraded to an all cotton top and bottom to give more comfort to the sleeper. Going a step further, manufacturers started making the fill cotton as well to make the pads even more comfortable.

However, over the past 2 decades, mattresses have gotten thicker, plus there is all this news about Bacteria, fungus, bed bugs, and other microorganisms to think about. With all of these issues, Manufacturers started looking at different fabric technology to further improved their products. Afterall, electronic equipment is always getting updated, why not your mattress pad? You sleep on it every night for approximately 8 hours, just like the time some of us spend on the computer or

Rapid Technological Evolution And The Long Term Strategists

The speed of technological innovation is so rapid that the role of strategists and planners is at best relegated to educated guesswork. In numerous business sectors that rely on being at the cutting edge of technological innovation, not least the digital sector, one of the major problems facing strategists and planners is that the speed of change renders any accurate mid to long term planning at the mercy of chance. This is not to say that business should throw their hands up in the air or bury their heads in the sand, aghast at the fruitlessness of any long term direction, but more a requirement to understand there is no hard and fast solution to rapid evolution, no pause button that will allow for the collective catching of commercial breath. Indeed, the best advice to all those who like to ride the technological wave is to understand that this is the way it is, to be adaptable and to recognise that the best way to stay ahead is to go with the flow and see where the current takes you.

Of course, this is not to recommend a universally cavalier attitude to any

Some Significant Modern Technology for Your

It is extremely far-fetched to keep up to date with all of the effective technologies being offered these days for companies to run in their work places. Let’s see it, it isn’t all subsidiary to all organizations but there are some great and often overlooked nuggets of information out there.

The combination of a professional, beautifully located work place that lapped some of the episodic technological innovations may have significant benefits for both the daily running of a company, as well as how an organization is perceived by its customers. For example, it’s clear to say that an organization that continuously presents ideas to customers would be very well perceived with a professional audio visual system, as unfavorable to the kind most of you have seen before that have a habit of infirmary mid presentation, needing an IT professional to run in and walk the thing up and spreading again. That’s simply one instance of how modern technology can impact your organization. There are a few more instances:

Another instance is that of digital video conferencing. With the incarnation of Skype messenger along with other technological systems on the comprehensive

Lifestyle and Career Disruptions by Technology

We live in an era of unusual disruption of cultures, lives and businesses by technologies. As a little boy, I listened to folklore under the moonlight in my south eastern part of Nigerian village. The elders told the stories of justice, bravery, honor and humanity. There was no cellphone and there was no distraction. Life was under a predictable pattern especially in the evenings when boys and girls will wait in turns to play under the moonlight and receive moral education carefully orchestrated in the stories told by the elders. Every child belongs to the village and parents are nothing but stewards.

As we trekked miles to fetch water and firewood for the family cooking, we enjoyed the songs of the happy birds. We treasured the flowers and the gentle winds out of the thick rainforest of our stream. It was a life of great tranquility and we never had a homicide in the village. By norms and traditions, the fishes in our stream must not be fished. They were preserved and in most cases we played with them.

When it was time for school, we continued on that village

IT Will Drive Business Innovation

Cloud computing has become “the buzz” word in the global field of information technology and computing. The next big trend sounds nebulous to the common man, but it’s not so fuzzy when you view the value proposition from the perspective of IT professionals. The immense potential of this service is yet to be uncovered. Take a look at the emerging top IT trends in this field and be amazed by what’s in store for the future.

Consumerization First in the Enterprise
After the domination of large business and government organizations in the early decades of computer usage and development, the consumer markets are seen as the primary driver of information technology innovation.

Enterprises will build applications for mobile/social platforms, which might support traditional platforms secondarily or not support at all. Put in simple words, the management of mobile/social information technology will become more about managing and securing mobile applications and mobile data than the devices themselves. And yes, the consumers’ favourite user experience will be preserved.

Big Data grows bigger
The bigger the better, the better the more – seems to be the new trend. Additional information

4 Of The Most Influential Innovations

Technological innovation has changed all industries including healthcare. There have been great changes in the healthcare industry where technology is increasingly playing vital roles in almost all processes including patient registration, lab tests, data monitoring, and consultation.

To bring about these changes great innovations have been made. Here are some of the most influential technological innovations in the healthcare industry.

Electronic health record

Ten years ago, all health institutions had many systems that did different things. For example, there was a pharmacy system, documentation system, and an order system. These systems made it very cumbersome to work in a health setting.

Creation of an electronic health record revolutionized everything. The record integrated all the systems into a single platform which has made it easy to work in hospitals. Patients are also able to get better services since the healthcare providers are able to get their data with the touch of a button.

Portal technology

This is a tool that enables patients and physicians to access medical records online. The technology makes it possible for patients to easily get

Impact of Technology on Business

Together with the advancement of science and technology, technological innovations grew along with it, resulting to the emergence of new equipment and gadgets. No matter how big or small your company is, technology brings both intangible and tangible benefits to become cost efficient and to meet the growing demands and needs of customers. Technological innovations affect corporate efficiency, culture and relationship among employees, clients, suppliers and customers. The type and quality of technology used affect the security of confidential business information.

Due to the burden brought by administrative tasks, like inventory, bookkeeping and records keeping, both big and small companies rely on computers to do their administrative works. The birth of Internet and online social networking sites tremendously decreased the costs of business operations. It also makes it easier for companies to use the Six Sigma management methodologies. Some firms shifted to outsourcing instead of hiring their own personnel due to the low costs associated with it. Because of the huge impact of technological innovations to companies, it is impossible for them to live with it.

Commonly used high technology equipment:

  • Computers
  • Photocopier
  • Telephone
  • Computer printer
  • Internet
  • Paper shredder
  • Multimedia projector
  • Touch screen monitors
  • Computer mouse
  • Laptop computers

Advantages of Technology to Business:

When Innovative Dreams Come True for Mankind

Can and will technological innovation unite humanity across the globe and solve all of our problems? Well, as I reread a book which was written in 2000, I realized that many of the predictions had actually come true, and we are much better off than we ever have been in the past, and most of those who claim that doom and gloom is about to befall humankind are incorrect. There are some very positive futurists that predict that our technological advances will allow us to overcome our most dire challenges. I tend to agree with this belief.

Now then, perhaps you have similar thoughts on this, and you would like to read a book that dives into all of the advances in the last couple of decades, and exactly where we will go from here. The book that I’d like to recommend to you is one that I actually own in my own personal business library. The name of the book is;

“The Long Boom: A Vision for the Coming Age of Prosperity,” by Peter Schwartz, Peter Leyden, and Joel Hyatt, 2000, 352 pages, ISBN: 78-07382-0364-5.


This Will Be the Most Innovative Decade in History

Many people are pessimistic about what the future holds, touting rhetoric of shortages and catastrophe, but the pace at which our technological innovation is headed there is nothing to worry about. The specialized knowledge and innovative breakthroughs that we are seeing on a daily basis is only the beginning. As we now move towards a collaborative style of innovation we are tackling all of the world’s problems and finding innovative solutions faster than ever before. These innovative leaps will soon allow people to solve the fundamental challenges of the world: energy, water, education, food, and health.

As an example of the speed of technological innovation take a look at the advancement of personal computers and mobile devices. In only the past few decades we have seen the development and implementation of the internet, wireless internet in every coffee shop, and more mobile devices on the planet than toothbrushes. The knowledge that we are amassing that used to be held by the elite in libraries is now accessible anywhere that you can get a Wi-Fi signal. These advancements are all made possible by computing innovation and are only going to increase as time goes

Innovative Technology and Policies for Your

We are getting late into the 2012 calendar year. The fourth quarter is just around the corner. Many companies are looking to implement some last minute innovations in technology or in their business policies that will make this the most profitable year ever. But what are the best technological innovations for the new year? When it comes to implementing innovative policies, definition of goals is important. What are you trying to accomplish? Let us consider some possible innovations.

The fourth quarter is extremely important for a retail business. What are the best technological innovations that will help your company finish strong? Everything has gone mobile. Companies rely on cyber Monday almost as much as they do black Friday. How can your business innovate to take full advantage of this? Custom mobile apps that feature shopping, advertizing and coupons may be just what you need.

People are glued to their phones and tablets nowadays. This is where they need to find out about your latest sales. An app that allows them to access the latest coupons your company offers may get them into the store. Being able to shop your store

Israel, Technology Leader

Despite defending itself (diplomatically – with one-hand) against anti-Semites in the UN, Europe and the US; as well as its civilian population (physically -with its other hand) against external rocket and internal terrorist attacks – tiny Israel has somehow survived, perhaps even thrived, during the otherwise world-wide collapse of industry and technology – thanks to teen-age seriousness and a culture of entrepreneurial high-technology.

In spite of the constant drumbeat of negative press coverage by liberal extremists (Israel, their double-standard pariah state), there is one aspect of this lone democracy in the mid-East that gets scant attention – the country’s technological economy. In the face of the inordinate per-capita economic and manpower drain on its limited resources which are expended in its own defense, Israel has still achieved the highest percentage concentration of innovation and entrepreneurial ism in the world. Despite railings against investment in Israel by extremist anti-Israel, pro-Arab special-interest-groups, giant multinational technology companies and global investors have been setting up research and development laboratories in Israel for decades. Even in 2008, a year of chaos for the global economy, the per-capita R and D ventures in Israel exceeded that of the US

Innovations and Your Business Model

The pace of technological innovations accelerating faster than ever suggests that as a progressive entrepreneur you should be relentlessly looking ahead and gain a vision of their adaptation in your business for the next decade. 2015 brings to the forefront the question: “What will the technological and social media world be like, and what do I need to know, not only to survive, but thrive within it?” The many technological changes in the past 5 years are almost immeasurable. Innovations over the next five years are inestimable. The following questions raise their voices demanding answers in order to not only cope and survive but grow and prosper your business.

Future Growth Projections

Several projections predict that over the next 5 years “The Cloud” will grow from 2.6 billion online to somewhere from 5 billion to 7 billion online. Speaking of the online economy in general, projections suggest a large potential market for products and services. As these 3 billion to 7 billion new people come on line many of them will not be entrepreneurs competing for your business but many wanting your products or services. If the foregoing online growth

Technological Companies Will Survive

The current economic situation worldwide continues to be one of crisis. Once in a while, some gurus predict the end of the crisis, but they usually do not agree on the exact date. Over time, management teams of most organizations have understood that the key to survival is standing out from the competition. The main elements to pursue in order to reach this goal are innovation and multinational presence.

As such, technological companies have a great responsibility: they must be the leading sector in the path towards economic recovery. In fact, they already play an increasingly important economic part, as large technological enterprises have become economic leaders around the world, and the role of small and medium-sized companies on a more reduced scale should not be underestimated either. In other words, technological companies of all sizes will act as triggers for recovery, as they boost the efficiency and productivity levels of other sectors.

Innovation is team work

Guido Stompff, an Oc√© designer, highlights the importance of collective thinking for R+D in his PhD thesis, which he defended at the Delft University of Technology. “Innovation is often a

Best Future Automotive Maintenance Technology

As a lover of technology, perhaps you too, I think I can surely relate with those who find revolutionary Google Glass applications. Such technology is a long time coming and much like 3-D printing it will change everything. Having been in the automotive sector prior to retirement (Franchisor of mobile car wash businesses) my mind usually looks at all new technology for possible automotive applications. Okay so, let’s see how this new innovation will be taken to a whole new level – let’s talk.

There was an interesting article in MIT Technology Review Blog on September 17, 2013 titled; “Google Glass as a Hands-Free Instruction Manual – A new app for Google’s head-mounted computer helps beginners with car maintenance,” by Tom Simonite which got me thinking about a once promising technology someone had come up with ten years ago, but which to date has not been implemented. The article stated; “Augmented reality company Metaio just released video of an idea that seems to make more use of the form of Google Glass.”

The article accompanied a YouTube video titled; “Metaio to Unveil First Hands-Free Car Manual on Google Glass,” by

The Future is Now

Remember that neat little wrist watch Dick Tracy used? You know, the one that had the phone, TV, etc all built in. And it told time, too. Way back when Dick Tracy first appeared, a watch like that was nothing more than a wistful look into the technology of the future. At the time, I’m sure that it was widely thought that technology would never get so advanced that a simple little wristwatch could actually provide all those functions.

Of course, that fanciful future is the here and now. Along with tremendous gains in the size, speed and power of computing devices, a strange and wonderful thing is happening… A sort of revolution is taking place, something called Technological Convergence. You see, a TV used to be just a TV, something that you watched television shows on. A telephone was something that, for a hefty monthly fee to Ma Bell, you could use to speak to friends and family all over the world. And a wristwatch, well, was something that told you the time.

Over the past few years, and seemingly growing momentum recently, these standalone devices that once served

Check Out Their Technology

Last week, Apical Resource Group had our second monthly All Candidates meeting in order to discuss the employment landscape, new initiatives and new hospitality technologies. We had some great discussions spearheaded by Chicke Fitzgerald of Solutionz Media that surrounded a number of topics that included a candidate’s online reputation as well as online positioning. There is a lot more to come about this very interesting subject.

One of the main areas of discussion was focused on hospitality technology and how it figures into a candidate’s decision-making process on whether they should accept a job offer from a prospective employer. As technology continues to evolve, it is increasingly important that people fully understand the “technology state of the company” as it relates to their current technology as well as their future technology direction. How a company is perceived in regards to its technology will either make it easier for its employees to obtain outward visibility or it can hinder them greatly. It does not matter whether the position with a prospective employer is a sales, marketing, development or an executive position, the technology plan that is in front of a candidate should be highly

Car Technology

The rate at which technology advances in the world presently is amazing. The good thing is that it takes us all in its stride as it moves. For this reason, cars are not left behind. Car technology has taken new dimensions over the years. Each year, something new and different turns up. Some of these new car features are yet to hit the market. This piece contains some of the proposed advancements that will leave car users drooling.

Humans are incomplete and imperfect. Thus, we tend to be less conservative even in the face of depleting resources. When driving our cars for example, we could turn off our air conditioners to conserve fuel. However, we would rather leave the conditioner on than roll down the windows. This is because we ‘feel cool’ with the windows rolled up and the chill filling up all the spaces in our car.

Technology has introduced the economy mode in cars. This innovation allows the vehicle to make the decisions that affect its use and conservation of its features. When activated, it would simply determine what features are essential at any point in time. It could choose to turn off the